Taylor, 25, Poland

I work in Lublin, Poland with adults learning English as a Second language. I struggle with empowering them to have the confidence to use the language skills we work hard to achieve and get over "sounding silly".  Not only did Will help me visualize and articulate a concrete goal for myself to help my students, he showed me I could apply the same principles to most other goals or obstacles down the road. 

Will’s positive attitude and ability to shift your perspective from, "I wish I could be a better teacher" to "I want to involve my students in the curriculum process so they can feel more in charge of their learning"  takes you from overwhelmed to in control. I should also note he was able to bring about this change in my life from over 5,000 miles away. He’s a great coach who helps you help yourself. You will not regret the invaluable life skills that Will has to teach.